When the first three things you read are wrong...

it's not a good thing. It's like reading "New Scientist"* except someone is trying to save them.

Anyway, I read " The Golden Compass" when it first came out, and it is decent adventure story. I haven't seen the movie although I want to for the fighting armored bears. (How cool is that? I support the right to arm bears myself.) However, I didn't find the second book very good and couldn't make it to the middle of the third. They were just labored in my view.

Now that the author is pulling a Rowling**, alienating his potential audience, and also claiming to be the most dangerous man in England in a yuppie secularist fits of self importance, the books are getting similar other books written on explaining them.   "The rough guide to His Dark Materials" (I think) was sitting in the local B&N yesterday while the kids shopped. After scanning the book, and finding the author screws up the Theokotisis in Hagia Sophia, some science, and a bit of Catholic theology, I walked away. It's a bad sign when you bat zero for three.

Instead of indulging in his atheistic fervor, Pullman should have read the writing of the people he wants so badly to be the anti of. Both Lewis and Tolkien wrote on stories and fables and how trying to force a story to a viewpoint was a bad idea. I saw this years ago; authors that write fiction for a cause tend to suck. Even with armored bears...

* no link on purpose. I just gave up and wrote to cancel my subscription. I think its a hopeless cause...

** Rowling's little play for the PC vote with a character's sexuality was not only unnecessary and, in my mind, tasteless but also generated the first funny cartoon from Breathed*** in 20 years. So it wasn't all bad. Gutless and pandering perhaps, definitely sad, but not all bad. Makes you wonder what award committee she was sucking up to?

*** okay maybe the second. The burka-ini one was pretty good too.


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  • 12/24/2007 10:38 PM Audie wrote:
    I would recommend waiting until the Golden Compass comes out to rent. They made it a kinder gentler story to appeal to younger audiences, so Azriel is a good and caring Uncle who is just a bit rough around the edges. In fact, the only character that was as awful in the movie as they are in the book is Mrs. Coulter's deamon.
    It was good, if you hadn't read the book. Having read the book, I think the movie lost some of the edge the book has.

    The bear fight, though, was freaking awesome.
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    1. 12/25/2007 4:02 PM technogypsy wrote:
      I was planning to, dear heart, so I can watch the bear scenes over and over...

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  • 1/3/2008 8:45 AM Olga wrote:
    I really enjoyed seeing your recipes, since I am Lemko, born in Poland. I am searching for a recipe 'kieselycia' that my mother used to make in the US from oatmeal, but haven't found it yet. We also have 2 boys and want them to know their roots. If you have a source for the recipe I would appreciate if you could send me a link or whatever. Thanks.
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    1. 1/4/2008 11:43 AM technogypsy wrote:
      Hi Olga,

      Sorry I can't help with that. it wasn't something we made and I asked Mother, who said she doesn't recall it by that name. If you can sed more detail? Or maybe one of my few readers will know...

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